SCAA's Newly Established Committees:

The following committees were recently established with volunteer members as directed by the Board of Directors for the purposes of expanded services to all SCAA members, pursuit and achievement of defined objectives, and encouragement of active participation of SCAA members.

The working committees and their missions are as follows:

Executive Committee:

The Executive Committee is a permanent Committee of the Association's Board of Directors.

Technical Advancement Committee:

The Technical Advancement Committee researches, identifies and recommends needed technical improvements that will benefit our members and the spill response industry. The committee provides recommendations and input to industry and Government organizations responsible for spill response research and development such as the Joint Industry Taskforce and Interagency Coordinating Committee on Oil Pollution Research (ICCOPR). The Committee should identify companies and organizations involved in technical advancement efforts as prospective SCAA members.

Government Affairs Program (GAP) Committee:

Government Affairs Program (GAP) Committee closely monitors the RRI as currently managed by the U.S. Coast Guard, providing input, recommendations and support in creating an “All Hazards” RRI that presents a true and accurate national inventory of resources that functions as an accurate and reliable spill preparedness and response tool that it was intended to be.

It insures that SCAA is heard and recognized as the Voice of Spill Response Professionals on matters of Federal and State legislation and regulatory matters that involve and/or impact our spill response industry. In keeping with SCAA’s Mission and Statement of Values, the Committee identifies issues that merit SCAA’s stated input and voiced position that will benefit our members and nation’s response community.

Planning Committee:

The Planning Committee is a permanent committee. It monitors, reviews and updates SCAA’s Business Plan. The Committee works with SCAA staff members in monitoring, planning and scheduling participation in industry and Government events and forums such as conferences and exhibits, special meetings, workshops. The Committee provides oversight on the planning and scheduling of SCAA’s Annual Meeting & Conference and Capitol Hill Visit.

Membership Committee:

The Membership Committee is a permanent committee responsible for monitoring and incentivizing member retention and new member recruitment programs.

Inland Spills Committee:

The Inland Spills Committee monitors and reports on inland oil and hazardous material spills, trends and new technology applications for both land and water spill response. The Committee helps identify prospective members based on geography and levels of activities and risks of spills.